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Our Story

For over 20 years, Northstar has been dedicated to creating the most impactful and efficient conferences for the Private Equity industry at premier locations around the United States. With over 150+ to-date, Northstar's conferences consistently sell out and receive high acclaim from attendees.

Northstar's most notable format, Northstar's Private Equity Heavy Hitters®, has gained widespread recognition & praise among the Middle Market Private Equity industry as one of the most efficient and well-organized events to attend.


Northstar's exclusive Heavy Hitter format limits vendor interaction, increases your firm's exposure to the most relevant Middle Market firms, and provides you with the ability to privately and effectively meet with 12-32 firms at a premier venue.



Curated Networking

We pride ourselves in creating Private Equity conferences that not only optimize your firm's time & productivity but are also economical for your bottom line.


Northstar Conferences

All Northstar Conferences are exclusively Invitation Only

Downtown Skyline

Lower Middle Market

Private Equity Heavy Hitters

Exclusively designed and curated for generalist Private Equity and Investment Banking Firms representing and acquiring companies with

EBITDA of $10M-$30M.

Skyscrapers Downtown

Core Middle Market

 Private Equity Heavy Hitters

Industry Focused and exclusively designed for Private Equity and Investment Banking execution partners representing and acquiring companies with

EBITDA of $30M-$100M.

Bird-Eye View Of Golf Course

Northstar Investment Forum

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Northstar Investment Forum is our flagship conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. NIF is our largest Private Equity conference for companies with

EBIDTA of $10M-$100M

Our Team

Emily Casenza

Senior Director


Christiana Frank

Creative Director


Rebekah Looke

Managing Director

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