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This is your Team section. It's a great place to introduce your team and talk about what makes it special, such as your culture and work philosophy. Don't be afraid to illustrate personality and character to help users connect with your team.

“I’m very grateful for the Lockton/Northstar relationship, which continues to be beneficial for LongueVue Capital (“LVC”) across our portfolio.  In addition to the established Heavy Hitters events, the Lockton/Northstar team creates best-in-class and bespoke networking events, which generate investment opportunities and authentic relationships for our firm and M&A professionals.  For over 10 years, the LVC team has valued the Lockton/Northstar relationship on both a professional and personal level and looks forward to many years to come.”
"We prioritize Northstar events because Northstar creates a focused, intimate opportunity to efficiently meet with a high-quality roster of firms that we know, we like, and we want to show deals to. Northstar eliminates the noise that comes with other ‘generic’ events and allows us to focus on what matters: facilitating actionable conversations around their portfolio and our pipeline."
“5-Star Hotels, Dinners out on the Town, and maybe a Stadium trip or two… All in all, I’m here for the Lifestyle, not the Meetings. The Deals close Naturally. Go Braves.”
“I have been attending Northstar events for almost a decade, and there is not a better avenue for making strong relationships with numerous high-quality investment bankers in a more efficient manner. The Northstar team curates an environment that leads to effective conversations and strong deal flow.”
Finding a deal is a difficult task, finding a quality deal is even tougher. My job is primarily to originate and underwrite quality deals for our firm and Northstar Heavy Hitters is a key piece to my strategy. The Heavy Hitters events foster an environment of relationship building with top tier investment banks and allow one to meet a variety of firms across the country in an efficient manner. I have deepened relationships with a number of stellar professionals over the last handful of years of attending and am thankful to be a part of the Advisory Committee - nothing but great things to say about the well run nature of these meetings and the diligent & thoughtful teams at Northstar!
"Locations, attendees, events – Northstar gets it right every time. Heavy Hitters provides the perfect backdrop for actionable conversations to take place and for lasting relationships to be built beyond deals. Whether I’m hacking up a golf course with new colleagues, enjoying a great dinner with friends or discussing transactions and market dynamics during the intimate one-on-one sessions, every minute spent at Northstar events adds true value."
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